Accurate Calibration Ensures This Company's Success

Riversands entrepreneur Wisani Hlungwane first started Applied Metrology Services (AMS) as a side hustle and soon had sufficient turnover to take premises at Riversands Incubation Hub in 2018. As a business that specialises in industrial metrology, it has been successful thanks to a number of factors.

“First of all, our pricing strategy is far more economical than our competitors, who are mainly large multi-nationals. The second reason is the fact that I’ve formed partnerships with other service companies in the instrumentation, mechanical engineering and processing industries. Our company’s reputation is taking shape and we’ve really started gaining traction in the market,” commented Hlungwane.

AMS’s core business is ensuring that measuring equipment does so accurately. For example, Heineken is a regular client and three AMS technicians are permanently on site to maintain the health status of the plant instrumentation.

Other big clients include petrochemical companies where it is critical that the correct amount of liquid or gas is transferred for transportation and transactional exchanges. “We ensure that inventory management systems for the fuel storage are accurate,” explained Hlungwane.

“Our company has recently been commissioned to monitor operations for a gas fueled power plant; we calibrate the instrumentation around the natural gas engines. AMS also was also recently awarded a contract for a major petrochemical facility – these are all outside South Africa,” he said.

AMS was recently appointed an approved distributor for Krohne. “We were previously an accredited service provider for Krohne equipment and have now moved up the ladder to sell the equipment as well,” commented Hlungwane.

Now that AMS is well established in the market, Hlungwane is focused on growing it beyond the current team of seven, which includes himself as a working entrepreneur. This essential service is certainly one to watch!