Afribat set to revolutionise the lead acid battery industry

Riversands entrepreneur Afribat is poised to change the stationary and motive battery industry status quo – targeting financial, risk and environmental efficiencies.

The company specialises in maintenance, management and monitoring services to all lead acid battery environments in the telecommunication, power utility, data centre and forklift industries.

“We deliver a unique proactive maintenance service by combining the smart technologies of our electrochemical analysers, battery reconditioners, continuous monitoring sensors and backend software suite to save customers up to 70% on replacement costs,” commented Gareth Fortuin, Afribat entrepreneur.

Afribat is set to launch its game-changing BattMon continuous monitoring sensor, which will provide individual battery monitoring and alerting (via email, cell phone etc.) to ensure immediate action on failing batteries. “By providing live monitoring and alerting of each individual battery in a bank, we reduce both risk and costs for the client, as we identify the offending batteries and replace only those. Currently, in the telecommunications industry, when a battery fault is detected, the whole pack of batteries is replaced instead of just the faulty one(s) – increasing man-hour and asset costs,” explained Fortuin.

“Our services also extend the lifespan of the batteries by between 50% and 100%, which is obviously great for the environment, as we reduce the unnecessary recycling of healthy batteries.” added Fortuin.

Lead acid batteries are installed in most mission-critical equipment environments and with the current uncertain power provision and economic climate, Afribat is sure to disrupt the industry in a very positive way.