All Spiced Up!

When it comes to curries and pickles, Preggsson’s Spices produces a range of delicious goods which make your mouth water! Riversands entrepreneur Seimani Naidu says that once her customers try out her pre-mixed Kashmiri curry powder, they’re hooked and will never go back to using individual spices in their meals.

“My dad, Preggie Naicker, formulated the blend after he retired and wanted to keep himself busy after a successful career in sales and marketing. After some experimenting, he came up with a combination of 10 different spices that are perfectly balanced in terms of flavour and colour. They’re available in three strengths: Not So Hot; Lekker and Hot; and Monster-in Law,” explained Naidu.

Naidu has a degree in Sports Science from the University of Durban/Westville and at this point she was only buying masala from her dad. Things changed when he had health challenges and Naidu stepped in to keep the business running. “I realised that the business had considerable growth potential and when we moved up to Johannesburg, I started marketing the spices from my home,” she said.

Fast forward a few years and the business had expanded to include a range of pickles which Naidu packaged in an eye-catching way. “You eat with your eyes.”

As the business grew, it became essential to obtain a Certificate of Acceptability so Naidu moved to formal premises at Riversands Incubation Hub during the pandemic. “The timing might seem strange, but a number of suppliers ran short of spices and through my network, I was able to take advantage of this opportunity. I order in bulk from Durban and my main client, Durban Seafoods, has branches in Sunninghill and Randburg, so we are able to share the transport,” said Naidu.

Preggsson’s Spices has grown to such an extent that the team now includes two employees who are a real asset. “To me it’s important to work with nice people, and the two women and I clicked immediately. At the moment we’re navigating our way through the lockdown restrictions but I’m confident that I’ve established a good market for my business and I look forward to expanding my operations as the pandemic eases,” concluded Naidu.