Anyone for Ice Cream?

A love for ice cream and a dedication to the health of the planet led vegetarian entrepreneur Sinenhlanhla (Sine) Ndlela to start experimenting with recipes to make artisanal dairy-free ice cream, Yococo.

“I would do anything for ice cream – this love was instilled in me by my granny, who always made sure I got an extra scoop when I was growing up. Now I serve ‘scoops of love’, which are proving to be a winner in the health food stores I supply throughout Gauteng,” explained Ndlela.

Ndlela has a reverence for everything on the planet and cares very deeply about the way animals and nature are treated. “Nowadays it’s much more acceptable and there is far more choice for vegetarians than when I first gave up meat completely.”

The different flavours of Yococo ice cream have come about through experimentation. “Growing up, I was surrounded by a love of cooking and this has manifested in an interest in creating interesting flavours which include salted caramel and mixed berries among others,” she remarked.

Naturally the Yococo packaging is environmentally friendly and all ingredients are sourced from organic suppliers as much as possible. “I support local organic farmers to create a virtuous circle.”

While sales of ice cream slow down during winter, Ndlela is optimistic that there are enough dedicated ice cream eaters to make the business flourish “My ambition is to grow the Yococo brand to be globally recognised, while maintaining the culture of love that I’m passionate about in my business.”