Baked goods galore at riversands incubation hub

When wandering around the Riversands campus it’s quite likely that one’s nostrils will be filled with the tempting smell of freshly-baked bread emanating from the wholesale bakeries owned and operated by brothers Avinesh and Nitesh Luckan.

While Avinesh’s business, BAKED – Craft Bakery, focuses on artisanal sourdough breads and pastries, Nitesh’s Sir Eat-a-Lot’s Gluten Free Wholesale Bakery produces a range of gluten-free goods such as breads, rotis, wraps and pizza bases. The two entrepreneurs both come from a financial accounting background, which has proved to be valuable both in the day-to-day running and in evaluating new opportunities as their businesses gain traction in the market.

BAKED – Craft Bakery  supplies high quality baked goods to the hospitality industry, which is the primary source of income for the business. “I wanted to grow my turnover and realised that I could share the knowledge I have by conducting courses to people in the art of baking, the latest being in authentic sourdough bread. During the one-day course, each participant learns and practices the steps of how to mix a sourdough mix from scratch (flour, water and salt) right up to baking their loaf of bread. We make a sourdough pizza (crust) together using the same dough, which is then served for lunch. I show them the method of hand mixing dough to make it accessible to everyone,” explained Avinesh.

Nitesh has come up with creative and unique formulations for the gluten-free baked goods he produces by experimenting with different combinations of rice flour, potato, tapioca and maize starches. Sir Eat-a-Lot’s Gluten Free Wholesale Bakery regularly delivers orders of their certified gluten-free range to Wellness Warehouse stores across Gauteng.

“We don’t use any premixes so that the quality of our products is always of the highest standard. We are gradually scaling the business to include more retail outlets and catering clients. Our products are certified gluten-free by FACTS SA and we are NIHT accredited” said Nitesh.

Both brothers are passionate about their chosen craft and determined to be successful in their businesses.