ChatBack gives back to riversands Incubation hub

The amazing team of developers at ChatBack recently completed an innovative pro bono pilot project for Riversands Incubation Hub which focused on the use of WhatsApp as an SME employee verification instrument for the on-campus businesses.

“In terms of learnings, this was an extremely valuable exercise for both ChatBack and Riversands Incubation Hub. Riversands is constantly looking for innovative ways to measure the impact of its business support initiatives and the idea was to leverage the technology developed by ChatBack. We have already begun conceptualising other ways to use the technology, such as further customising an SME’s overall incubation experience at Riversands. The scope of ChatBack’s platform from an application perspective is enormous,” commented Carien van Eeden, IT Manager for Riversands Incubation Hub.

Speaking about the ChatBack contribution, general manager Nina Willemse remarked that the start-up’s platform is completely scalable and includes a ticketing system to address any problems that may arise in its licence-renewal business.

“Part of ChatBack’s philosophy is to give back to the community in which we operate. We take this so seriously that we have a GIVEBACK option on our website for NGOs and non-profits to create a donation platform for fundraising. It made sense for our team to contribute to Riversands Incubation Hub’s technological ambitions,” explained Willemse.

“In our business, we constantly seek improvement within our systems. We are a lean start-up with big plans which include rolling out our services to all nine provinces by the end of 2021. At the moment we serve customers in the North West, Free State, Western Cape, KZN and Gauteng. Feedback suggests that everyone values the time they save by renewing their vehicle licences in such a convenient way because it’s all done via WhatsApp. Payment is on PayFast, SnapScan and we also recently starting accepting Bitcoin.

ChatBack is all about making frustrating tasks simple so that life is easier and hassle free. We all have tasks that we dislike doing and let’s be honest, renewing your vehicle licence is one of those. To take the stress out of renewing your licence disc, ChatBack has brought you vehicle licence renewals on WhatsApp. It’s that straightforward,” she said.

“Thanks go to ChatBack and its team of developers for sharing their insights and specialties, exploring possibilities with limited budgets and challenges. We are fortunate and grateful for companies wanting to invest their skills and resources in Riversands Incubation Hub’s ambition to make a game changing difference to South Africa’s economic future, one SME at a time,” concluded van Eeden.