Corium Skincare takes advantage of online reputation

With most people working from home due to the pandemic, Vuyisile Zondi, entrepreneur behind Corium Skincare, is convinced that time at the computer has been an advantage to her business.

“We immediately experienced an uptick in our already strong online sales and now the challenge is to extend the range of products which we offer in response to requests from customers,” explained Zondi.

Plans for a listing with a major retail chain have been paused because of COVID-19, this hasn’t phased Zondi, who has welcomed the opportunity to focus on the online segment of her market.

“The limited range on has certainly increased awareness of our brand and I really welcome that. We’re in a growth phase for the business and the better known we become, the more successful our launch into retail will be. My projections indicate that 2021 will be a good time for us to become available in stores,” said Zondi.

While online business has been booming, the journey through lockdown hasn’t been without its challenges for Corium Skincare since all packaging is imported from China. Raw materials are also imported from places such as West Africa. Lockdown restrictions at the ports and clearing houses have meant delays for the goods.

“The physical distance between workers which only allows a limited number of people in a space as well as the additional PPE and other medical equipment increasing the volume of imported goods has meant that the value chain has been disrupted. I’ve overcome this by placing my orders well in advance of when I’ll need the goods. I’m mindful of the fact that I need to be able to fulfil each order placed in good faith!” exclaimed Zondi.