Demand for face masks outstrips supply

Riversands entrepreneur Patience Nkomo is not one to throw her hands up in despair simply because there’s a pandemic sweeping the world. As the name of her business suggests, Touch Car Care Solutions usually sells waterless, eco-friendly car care products through a team of distributors in the different provinces. When lockdown came, the distributors looked to her for support so she realised she had to make a plan to replace the business’s income.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” she intoned while sounding far from desperate. She went to one of her suppliers who makes medical grade face masks an ordered her first batch of five thousand masks. In no time at all those were sold and she was soon ordering as many as 50 000!

That’s when she encountered the demand outstripping supply issue. There are regulations governing the number of essential items a single organisation can buy so now Nkomo is forced to receive the vast quantities that she continues to order in dribs and drabs.

“At least I have some cashflow now and I can look after those who depend on me. I can survive this lockdown and I can look forward to a fairly bright future – in whatever shape it emerges,” said Nkomo.

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