Ekaya Holdings gaining traction in Spar stores

Charou Bread from Ekaya Holdings is proving to be immensely popular during lockdown. Shortly before we were all sent home, Riversands business owner Kershen Naidoo started supplying a few selected Spar stores in Gauteng and the range of roti wraps has been flying off the shelves.

The vegan flatbreads have a shelf life of seven days despite the fact that they contain no preservatives and can be frozen for up to three months. They are also soft and pliable enough to be used as wraps, which is unusual.

The lockdown started at a crucial time for Ekaya Holdings since Naidoo was on the cusp of listing with the SPAR Regional DCs to supply Spar stores throughout Gauteng. As things transpired, he started with a few selected ‘Owner Stores’, giving Ekaya Holdings the opportunity to work on scaling the business to have the capacity to deal with larger orders.

At the same time, this enthusiastic entrepreneur is also developing new flavours wraps including a gluten-free option, cheese and onion and chakalaka.

“Of course I was delighted to receive my essential services certificate and immediately set about producing bigger volumes of my specially-developed flatbreads to meet the demand. It’s proving to be a good learning experience and I’ve applied for funding to allow me to expand,” commented Naidoo.

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