Fleet maintenance and regular clients spell growth for Auto Pitstop

When two brothers Ashley and Kevin Singh started Auto Pit Stop in 2015, it was their passion for anything with wheels and particularly cars, that brought them to that point. When they took premises at Riversands Incubation Hub in 2018, these entrepreneurs were ready to expand their business, having secured a major fleet company as a regular customer.

Now they gleefully report that they have five company fleets under their maintenance plan and two dealerships which send their vehicles for pre-delivery services. Auto Pit Stop has also been appointed as an Alfa Romeo specialist.

“We grew up around cars and funnily enough, my younger son has also expressed a strong interest in cars. He has started helping around the workshop during school holidays and I’ve been impressed by his attitude,” remarked Ashley Singh.

The primary source of growth for the business has been through word of mouth referrals, which is no surprise, since the team holds itself up to the values of honesty, integrity and service.

In the months since lockdown restrictions eased somewhat, the business has been going from strength to strength. “Of course during the hard lockdown, our turnover was severely curtailed but we came back to the workshop as soon as we could and our dedication has paid off,” he said. The Auto Pit Stop team has plans to expand its operations and would even consider franchising the business if the right partner presented themselves.

“We’ve demonstrated that it’s possible to run a workshop that satisfies clients from the individual the corporate fleet manager. We’d like to replicate our formula,” said Ashely Singh.