furniture manufacturers take advantage of nearby development

The team at SM3 has taken full advantage of their business’s location, which is in the fastest growing development mode in the country. Started by a team of two husbands and wives, the company recently moved to Riversands Incubation Hub after being delayed by the hard lockdown.

Papa and Refiloe Mokulubete joined forces with their friends Thanduxolo and Dimpho Maqhashalala to manufacture kitchen units, bed pedestals, TV stands and study desks. They now find that they’re in a good position to take advantage of the new housing developments in the area surrounding the Hub.

“It’s amazing! We use Facebook and Twitter to spread our news and we hand out our pamphlets door-to-door. The fact that people see a real person distributing the pamphlets has worked well for us,” commented Refiloe.

“We can spray paint any colour with a gloss finish on the units we sell and this has proved to be very popular, particularly among youngsters. This is a new line which has been very well received,” she said.

The pandemic has caused a few supply chain issues for the company but has also alerted the team to another possibility, which is cutting, edging and selling boards. “We aim to fill this gap since there’s a shortage.”

Apart from the four directors in the business, there are two employees, one of whom is a skilled carpenter.

Refiloe brings upholstering expertise to the business while Papa, Dimpho and Thanduxolo are cabinet making and wood machining specialists. SM3 is slowly building up its equipment assets and will soon add an edge bender to its panel saw.

“Our business has seen an uptick since we took our premises. We’re looking forward to building it in 2021,” concluded Refiloe.