IT guru comes up with creative ideas during lockdown

Tshidi Morabi from Ginini Consulting is one smart woman. Last year she was the winner of the Best Woman in STEM and Best Incubated Solution at the MTN Business App of the year award ceremony for her LocTransie app which tracks learners who take transport to school and back each day. Morabi was inspired to develop the app after a frantic attempt to locate her child after school one day as a result of the driver being replaced without her being informed.

When lockdown was announced, she used the opportunity to enhance the app to include a temperature field for the learners, which saves time in the handover process at schools now that they have returned to the classroom.

Having sorted out the app, this IT specialist realised that she’d have to find other new activities for her Ginini Consulting team when an MICT SETA opportunity was put on hold due to the pandemic.

“I wanted to transfer my IT skills to eager youngsters and started offering coding lessons. I’ve been bowled over by the response from the market! The online coding courses I offer include HTML, CSS and Javascript and I’ve designed them so that children aren’t too overwhelmed by the material. They’re young and eager and I’m equipping them with skills for a 4G life,” commented Morabi.

Not wanting to rest on her laurels, she also saw a gap for home schooling during lockdown. She registered to receive the curriculum for grades one to nine, hired some teachers to oversee the participants and is now an official curriculum content provider. She has such confidence in the system that her own two children are now home schooled and thriving in the environment.   For parents who opt to home school over traditional school, she assists them to register with Provincial Department of Education at no charge before they can be registered in her home-education programme.

“To me, failure is not an option. I’m determined to make a better life for myself and my family and I’m passing on the education that I’ve been fortunate enough to have had,” she concluded.