Pascal investment holdings is going places!

Pascal Investment Holdings, a business based at Riversands Incubation Hub, has three divisions ranging from Pascal Interior Design and Carpentry, Pascal Raw Materials and Chemicals and a third which is Pascal Hygiene and Chemicals.

The Interior Design and Carpentry division recently expanded to a 400m² unit where they created their beautiful showroom with additional workshop space for their Cutting and Edging Factory.

“The additional space allows the team to do its own cutting and edging for our projects. This was previously outsourced and it is our ambition to create sustainable jobs, which is why I chose to expand our company this way,” commented business owner Mr Pascal Hlongwane.

Happy customers are the order of the day when it comes to their new kitchens and interiors, so word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool for the company.

Pascal Investment Holdings employs over 15 people. The Hygiene and Chemicals division also has a scheme to empower individuals by offering them distributorships for the hand sanitizer which is produced in a factory in Mokopane, Limpopo.

Once the company matures beyond Riversands Incubation Hub, Hlongwane has plans to move his entire operation to a warehouse in Chloorkop which Pascal Investment Holdings has purchased.