Puny Couture Pivots the Business with Aplomb

Riversands entrepreneur Pulane Mogopodi is naturally stylish and her dress design business, Puny Couture, has always offered creative work and evening wear. When lockdown restrictions were introduced in March last year, the business was adversely affected.

“Of course, with women working from home, they didn’t need the dresses I’d designed because they were wearing the most comfortable items of clothing they could find! And no one was going to any parties either,” remarked Mogopodi.

Not to be deterred, this resilient entrepreneur set about designing a new range of lounge wear. “My customers were all telling me that they wanted something comfortable and chic to wear around the house, so I’ve obliged!”

It’s proved to be a good decision because customers are flocking to get their hands on the satin-finish lounge wear and pyjamas.

“There’s also a new trend for hosting pyjama parties. These are small, informal get-togethers hosted at home where the hostess tells her guests that the dress code is pyjamas!” said Mogopodi.

Since she’s always ready to take heed of feedback and advice, there’s no doubt that Puny Couture is set to keep its customers well-dressed in whichever lockdown level we find ourselves in!