Specialist Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs Expand Their Business

“We’re entrepreneurs through and through.” These are the first words Riversands entrepreneur Lerato Nako says about herself and her business partner Shadi Phatudi-Mphahlele, who established Ingenious Marketing back in December 2015.

“The above and below the line marketing agency has been growing steadily with a number of regular clients. We were becoming a bit restless and decided to act on an idea that had been brewing for a while and has now been launched. It’s an online store IM Bespoke because I wasn’t ready for the birth of my third child and realised that it would be so much easier to click onto a website and have everything I needed in one place,” said Nako.

The two women carefully curate everything on the site and present the goods in attractive packaging. Goods are delivered, eliminating the need for additional contact during the pandemic.

After an interesting business trip to Asia where the pair was very impressed with the work ethic, Nako and Phatudi-Mphahlele decided to import a number of beautifully designed, functional and useful things for the busy woman. The nappy bag which converts to a Moses crib is an example of an innovative design available on the website. Since every woman deserves deserve to be spoilt, I’m Bespoke also offers beauty therapy goods such as facial brushes and well-priced home use Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) laser hair removal devices.

There is no doubt that the new website will gain excellent traction given the cross-pollination of the two businesses in which this dynamic duo is involved.

To buy their products online visit their website here: https://im-bespoke.myshopify.com/