Visionary Entrepreneur aims to reduce access to clean water Inequality

Murendi Mafumo started his business, Kusini Water, with the express intention of providing bulk water filters to communities with no access to clean water. In the almost four years since he established the business, this honourable vision is now coming to fruition.

“My approach has been to collaborate with partners. I have considerable experience working in the water and sanitation departments of both the City of Cape Town and City of Johannesburg, which gives me the background of knowing where to target my efforts,” said Mafumo.

Many small municipalities simply lack the infrastructure to deliver portable water to residents.

“The existing systems are complicated and there aren’t the skills available to maintain them. There are multiple municipalities in Limpopo in this situation. Since I’m originally from that province, I identify with the situation and I’ve developed a simplified system which can be scaled according to the number of residents and hence the volume of water to be purified.”

In these instances, Kusini Water partners with the municipalities, which have budgets for developing and maintaining infrastructure.
Mafumo studied chemical engineering at the Cape Technikon, which is now the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and obtained a post-graduate degree in civil engineering from UCT, so is well placed to fulfill his vision.

The Kusini Water filter removes 99,9999% of bacteria and other impurities from any water source. Its filter consists of a mechanical nano-filter and an activated carbon block which physically separates particles from the water by trapping them in the membrane. Since this is a mechanical process, the filter is safe for its five-year lifespan.

The carbon block is made from locally sourced macadamia nut shells which absorb chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides. The nut shells are waste materials which would otherwise be discarded.

The filtration systems are monitored and controlled by a smart water meter enabled by the Internet of Things (IOT). This allows the team to keep an eye on each site remotely and ensure the water flows.

They can also carry out maintenance when required.

Meeting Murendi Mafumo is an inspiring experience. His dedication and commitment to the greater good make him a shining example of what is possible when people work together.