Work Wear Entrepreneur Rationalises Business And Reaps The Benefits

When Riversands entrepreneur Sizwe Jantjie bought work wear specialist company KTF Africa at the end of 2019, little did he realise the tumultuous journey that awaited him!

“As soon as the pandemic made itself felt, I had to take a long hard look at the business and seriously curtail the overheads to stand any chance of survival,” commented Jantjie ruefully.

KTF Africa supplies conti suits and other protective work wear to companies in the manufacturing, construction industries and corporate markets. “There’s been a welcome shift to clients specifying locally produced garments. This resonates strongly with my vision for a vibrant clothing industry in this country. Having spent my early years in exile, I’m fully committed to building a thriving South Africa which we can all share,” he said.

Having developed formal business and marketing plans as well as introducing cost-cutting measures, Jantjie is starting to see the turnover of the business increasing. “I instituted a procedure to examine each quote before it goes to a client. In this way I can ensure that the margins are sustainable.”

During the lean times of lockdown, KTF Africa was selling masks, hand sanitizers and safety harnesses while working from home. “The safety harnesses were for the team building the emergency Covid hospitals,” explained Jantjie.

One of the big cost-cutting measures Jantjie has taken was to move all advertising spend to social media platforms to run alongside Google ad words. “It’s quite remarkable the impact this decision has had on the business. Because of the targeted nature of the ads, I receive plenty of enquiries which are solid leads.”

Jantjie is unafraid of hard work and personal sacrifice and hard work. This approach has seen him through one of the most challenging years of his eventful life.